Friday, October 7, 2011

La' Ziramjad 1: Understanding the Looming World Economic Meltdown

After recovering from the Credit Crunch or the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 that has been labeled by many economists as the worst financial crisis since the 1930s Great Depression, the world is now on the brink of another economic meltdown. The rising cost of living and unemployment rate that burdens almost every country in the world today clearly shows that the world may hit the wall again at any time in the near future.

Greece Default

To understand what might happen to Malaysia if an economic meltdown is to happen, it is very easy to just look at Europe and see the troubled Greece, which is now battling against its debt default. Greece is a perfect illustration of a country which had run its economy the wrong way and the repercussions of doing so.

With the European Union (EU) incessantly lending money to Greece while asking its government to cut its budget, many don’t realize that the EU’s help is rather futile. The economic models being used by many nations right now will need alteration at a global level in order to restore Greece and other soon-to-be-affected countries.

But at the moment, with Greece, we are looking into the ‘opposite approach’. EU was telling Greece, “we lend you money, so you must balance your budget, and you need to cut your social welfare programs, sell your investment, sell your transport.” Unfortunately, this will make Greece poorer as the tax in Greece is going to shrink. To put it simply, with no tax money, a nation cannot grow.

When Greece announced its debt default that sees its government no longer able to make out bonds, the banks, especially those in Germany, Spain and England will soon be affected as they were the ones that had lent the money to Greece. This would then ignite a chain-effect in other European countries and later spread to other continents like Asia as the economic models that are being use here are similar to those being used in Europe.

And intriguing enough, The EU is not solving the problem in Greece. Instead, they’ve been driving out from the crisis in reverse. The whole world must understand the current issues and grasp at the fact that the best way to resolve the problem is through collective efforts. The underlining problem is under-consumption and distributing money to the wrong community.

Understanding the Problem

These days, too much of the world’s wealth and income has gone into the corporate sector. That means our capital has flowed out to the likes of CEOs, shareholders of the corporate world and other related party of the corporations. This leaves the ordinary people getting less and less share of the profit.

The consequence of the ordinary people getting fewer shares is that the buying power among the population stop to grow. The capital is growing but manufacturers cannot go on to produce goods and products such as TVs, shoes and other things because people just cannot afford to buy them due to their limited buying power. This then leads to an overhang of supply and demand. This happens as the surplus of the capital cannot produce material anymore due to the slow market. When this happens, the capital goes into speculation, more bonds, foreign exchange and also future derivatives. This will spark a chain effect where the government will fail to produce foods, houses and many more other necessities simply because the people can’t afford to buy them.

In the Europe nowadays, due to the derivative bubbles, most of the governments are now spending a lot of their money to save the banks. The economic environment is so worrisome that government deficits have reached 1.3 times the country’s GDP. What happened to Greece now can happen to any country, as the capitalist economic system is currently ‘eating’ into the value for money while the profits are kept among the corporates.

The Solution

Since it’s all because of the under-consumption, the answer to the problem is to take steps to transfer the wealth of the society to the ordinary people. One of the steps to circulate wealth to the public is by setting up minimum wage. The minimum wages affect will bring the buying power to the people again, and that money can go into the demands again.

The other step is to make all country in the world to start charging tax on all corporate profit financial transactions. This measure will transfer the corporation money to the government. The results of this will see the government having extra money to spread among the organization members, the society. With this, the government can again start to congregate demands.

We must realize that we need to transfer the wealth from the corporate to the government, to the people. If the money from the tax were given to the government then the government can use it for welfares, education, healthcare, and all kind of interventions to help the people. Then there will be demand all over again. This is how the world is going to get out from this current crisis.

What Malaysia Has Done

Malaysia has wooed RM21.3 billion in foreign direct investments (FDIs) in the first half of this year and with prime minster Najib at helm the FDI is getting higher due to government’s hectic lobbying for foreign investors. Not that this is not good, investment is always good. However, we must be aware that, in this current economy, investors will not prosper the country in the right way. With a lot of foreign investors coming down to Malaysia to invest, the locals are getting lesser chance to gain the nation’s capital.

Najib has been saying that his wishes to liberalize the market and create more business people. These will only lead to corporation reaping the nation’s capital and the national income will obviously get smaller. Big businesses, railways, hospitals and education cannot be left to commercial interest, no matter how straightforward we are going with this economy.

The Wise Approach of the South Americans

While Europe and some Asian countries are now on the brink of economic system, countries like Brazil have prospered and managed to avoid themselves from the meltdown. Since the 35th president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took over the government in 2003, Brazil’s minimum wage have been raised three to four times. Brazil’s government has started to realize the importance in uplifting the poor people.

Brazil has started a program called ‘Bolsa Familia’ which gives money to poor family as long as they send their children to school. With such welfare system, the family would not only able to buy themselves foods, but the children would also receive education.

Since 2003, when the program first started, 12 million families have joined the scheme and received small amounts of money (around US$12 a month). Inequality has been cut by 17 percent in just five years, which is perhaps one of the most dramatic achievements in welfare ever recorded. The poverty rate has fallen from 42.7 percent to 28.8 percent.

In Brazil, with the introduction of such system, the corporate world is also started to receive demand again, because the people now have money in their hands, therefore their buying power has been restored. This will automatically encourage production of goods. In Brazil, all parts of the country are reaping something useful to satisfy all parts of the community. The Brazilian government, by giving money and buying power to the poor, has not only increased demand but also promote small local businesses to form.

The money will always stay within the country as the poor communities are not ‘customarily obliged’ to buy that imported US$199 iPhones. They are satisfied with the cheaper local-made mobile phones. The consequence to this is it would boost the local corporate companies.

Greed and Instant Gratification

The people of the world must now realize the situation, not only them; the corporate power on the other hand must be less greedy and help the market first, so that they can receive demands again for production. By adapting this new attitude, the under-consumption problem that we are facing now can be overturned.

Adam Smith was quoted saying that “you can be greedy as you like, but make sure you take care of your community”. This must be practiced by the corporate world. It is understood that the capitalist’s motive is to maximizing profits, but this shortsighted mentality should be chucked out so that more profits can be gained in the future.

Why Can’t People See It?

Understanding the economic situation might prove decisive to the world economy now. Socialists have proven that its economic analysis has found the core problem of the modern era economic meltdown. And to look at it and have a think about it doesn’t bring people closer to communism. This however is not the case as this is an economic analysis, not a political ideology.

So if someone asks why the economy is going to go through a meltdown, just tell them that we, and the rest of the world, have perceived the meltdown in a wrong way and dealing with it in a wrong way. Actually we have been doing the opposite of what we’re supposed to be doing.

Friday, August 5, 2011

please play along

kau kena sedar. ia tak kemana. berjabur air liur pekat menembusi minda sekalipun kalau dah di bin kan pada si polan, anak si polan juga jadi nya dia. dia mesti mahu menang. biar menyerah. itu didikan asas. biar salah. tapi ianya asas. mana mungkin kau memecah dasar. dasar itu sesuatu yang lumrahnya konkrit.

maka, apa harus aku buat? mungkin itu tanyamu ketika mandi

cuba biar dia bertoleransi dalam sedarnya sendiri seakan dia membiarkan engkau menjeritperit didalam kotak besi itu tadi.

cuba biar dia terbang sekali pada paras inginan nya.
bisa saja dia tumbang. tapi bukan dari peluru kau.
biar hari dan dosa menentukan.

cuba kau mainsekali tatkala dia sudah mahu normal.
jangan susuli provokasi kelak seperti tadi.

ce cuba.
katanya, dia ini sahaja erti cinta yang kau kenal.

adapt dan lawan lah.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

(^^)v cute but deadly


bilamana apa yang di pom pang kan terbalik dan menjadi satu bentuk kudis yang berderai, makanya inilah masa terbaik untuk kembali sedar yang setiap apa yang berlaku dijanjikan ganjaran hukuman dan teladan.

kekok bila yang selama ini diatas kembali ke takuk bawah dan sementah mentahnya mengaku surrender.

bukan tak sayang. bukan tak hendak.
tapi aku meludah diri sendiri.
dan tiada siapa yang mahu berpasangan-kan kahak.

karma memang berkuasa.
bodoh aku kerana menyangka kuasa itu adalah harta.
bodoh aku kerana menjual kecintaan yang kau bagi berulang kali.
bodoh aku kerana menyangka segala yang tersemat tak akan tersembol.
bodoh aku kerana percaya isi lebih di antara dua kaki adalah mediator yang perlu aku aplikasikan.

bukan tak sayang. bukan tak hendak
tapi apa lagi yang boleh dipertaruhkan lantaran kepercayaan bukan lagi hadiah terbaik.

kesakitan akan dipasung, jika aku percaya ini adalah peak kepada manipulasi ikhtiraj kelak.
buat masa ini, hanya kembali ketanah adalah pra-persediaan aku yang paling ranum.
dan semoga dia bergerak lancar dijalanan futura yang amat dia idamkan.
sebab sesungguhnya, perlambatannya berpunca dari aku sendiri.
semoga kehidupan nya ringan.
semoga dia ketawa dan senyum sebelum tidur.
semoga lawaklawak bodoh aku akan dirindui.

maaf, tak mungkin kita beriringan lagi, kerana serendah mana engkau menjengok dan mencangkung, aku tetap akan berada dibawah sepatumu.

ni pistol, ni kepala... pom!

this is gonna be the biggest punch ever. and it should've stop everything else that coming towards the future.

i apologized for making thing becomes horrendously wrong.

it was a suicide move for a suicidal outcome.

and now i feel what you feel about a year ago.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wayne's pain

16 games unbeaten in all competitions

third in the premier league

top of champions league group

and through to the last eight of carling cup

yeah, you're right wayne, they are finished aren't they?

bullshit laa lu.

Friday, October 29, 2010

konklusi setelah konkusion

and so they say hidup ini ibarat roda,
kekadang diatas, kekadang dibawah.

cuba lintasi garis hidup saya selama dua minggu lepas.

phrasa roda itu nyatanya bullshit.

saya ditipu bertalu talu.
saya terjelepuk
moraliti trust hilang lemas sama sekali.
ke lubuk dalam.

tapi dalam dalam dalam terduduk itu,
bergolek datang pekerjaan yang sudah lama saya impikan.
lama saya impikan.
ianya impian.
yang mahu dijadikan kenyataan.

kini ia menjadi karier.

makanya hidup ini bukannya roda.

hidup ini adalah preweng.
diatas atau dibawah, yang pasti, akan ada dua angle yang akan melekatkan keadaan atas dan bawah itu.

u gain some u lose some.

i reap what what i sow maka lawannya u rape what i grow.

ahh hidup ini adil.

yang tinggal hanyalah peneropongan secara holistik tanpa bias.
dan kita bisa tidur tanpa sesak sesak tangis yang digantikan dengan senyuman puas

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

here lies a guy who somehow knows thing when it is too late

انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون

rahim akhirnya mati.
dalam 3pose pelukan berlainan.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

so uncalled for

last week breakfast, or was it lunch?.
kat kedai tu dalam tv ade berita adun galas meninggal.

aku dengar dari sebelah kiri.

politics huh?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

dalam dingin subuh. hati ku terusik.

esok raya.
raya ini tradisi.
satu kapal dengan finale champions league, final exam, annivessary percintaan, merdeka and u get the message.

ianya bersifat tahunan.
dan unggul.

bangun awal. ziarah kubur.

duduk depan.
salam salam.
gelakkan adik beradik yang mintak maap sambil menangis.

pergi rumah kawan .
borak sampai berak.

tapi sebab rumah orang,
tahan berak.
balik rumah petang berak terus straight tidur.

duduk rumah tengok tv.
moga2 ada lagi muvi senario tahun ni kat tv.
curi pegi berak.

selamat hari raya :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

sorry saya tak lekat bendera di kereta. gam dia nanti susah keluar

its getting heavier.
bila polemik agama juga sudah disentuh
then give yourself a facepalm untuk seketika.

tepuk tepuk dahi.
imbas kembali.
pengetua rasis.
radio 988.
khutbah yang asing.
tu baru selang berapa hari tu.
ridikiulus bangsa mula menjalar ke satu set disiplin berbeza yng dianuti tapi dikompromi.

maka kalut.
perlu cari akal untuk survive.

kita cerita yang tak elok.
if something explode in this short future to this bolehland.

maka semua termasuk saya perlu berinjak ke subversif hala tuju untuk kadar survival jangka panjang dan pendek.

maka set set kumpulan itu bukan lagi dipilih dengan semudah memilih
mahupun __________ *apa ya lambang itu?

anda dan saya juga perlu memilih anjakan mahu meyokong konteks dispilin yang mana.

mahu saja terus anda liberal dan menjadi lalang yang kosong?
saya jangka anda takkan lama.

susah kan?

so why dont we just leave all this crap.
pergi mati sama segala dakyah yang berstatus joke itu.
akal 53 tahun sudah cukup rasanya untuk megelegakkan bidasan bidasan tempelak bila sering sangat berita memampangkan wakil wakil ketua ketua kita berhujan hujan berhujah tentang semangat yang kudus itu.

hey. benda sokong menyokong itu subjektif.
jangan terlalu tersembul keluar.

bila kerap kali tersembul.
maka kami yang berusia 53 tahun ini pula akan terus diperbodohi.
tak elok menipu orang tua nak.

selamat hari merdeka di bulan ramadan.
tough luck.