Monday, March 30, 2009

a tale of a tail-less dog

you know,
you too can break through the conformity of a poor relationship,
discover an entirely new landscape of brilliance.

Try some, won’t you?

No. I suppose you won't.


for that,
you should be completely, utterly ashamed.

I am completely, utterly serious.

aku benci air mata jantan dan perangai bermain jantan

so you stood after knelt in empty room.
you sat on the dead grass of 'magic-juan'.
you never spilled any blackcurrant without licking it first,
and swore never to go back again.

so you lived through harrowing,
exhilarating moments when you did things you always thought impossible,

and you getting jiggy with it.
perhaps too much ...perhaps too soon.

and then you gritted your teeth expecting the world to end.

but, it didn't!

wake up.
clean yourself up.
smell the trees.
you're human, remember?

and no,
you'll never match that walking cartel if that is your aim.

goodluck son.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

and so when people got monday blues

dah 12minggu.
12minggu tambah lagi 9minggu.
kakak aku kawen.

dah 12minggu.
12minggu tambah lagi 3minggu,
aku ada final.

dah 12minggu.
tambah lagi 8minggu sebelum tu.
aku dah patot kencing kaler kuning perabut kayu jati

and i woke up this evening.
itssunday already.

and while im preparing to survive monday's blues.
suddenly my body got electrocuted.
by some jebus-style motivation.
it never sounds like chopra's enlightenment vault.
it does comes in cloudy-cloudy feeling...
but mind that,
im just finishing my 3rd bong strike to be precise.

it sounds exactly right this.

"its week 12 already.
this is the week kita cabar diri kita."

aku tambah,
"ya, to show who we really are to ourselves, thats for a start. yes?"

that voices which now do sounds like the 'x.o.x.o gossip girl blogger' continues the self- preach series.

"sure. why not. and and to those who concerns us the most too."

betul betul.

kak an
kak ina.
kawan kawan yang dah meninggal
kawan kawan seluruh hidup
dan maybe,
marsha milan londoh :P

aku kena gembirakan korang.
i got to draws my life on this uncharted canvas so that you guys would smile
and and talk to me at dinner party
at least not cast me off when theres important things happen in the circle where theres 'humanbeing' only that should be involved.
well .

thats it.
aku mahu berubah-lah.

the sounds no longer heard.
but it does shares with me the feelings of satisfaction.
like like
when you're on a first date, and you're this 'stupid childish dok-main-sepak-sepak-bontot-member-lagi 22years old soon to be an english teacher' guy and your do really hope that your partner hint something that 'she's okay with child-(d)ish' just to see that she spilled her nasik for laughing.
that's a relief ey?

haa. thats the exact feelings that i felt that i been telling you before ni ha.

i feel relief and good.
i feel relief and raring to go and continue this coming week without weed.

and so.
at 2130,
barang dah siap cai.

aku jemput tuan punya suara tadi untuk datang menjamu selera.

"get high bro,
this is your last bud."


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

menjenguk arwah member bersama pil kesayangan yang dulu ditinggalkan.

8tahun dah tak kena.
semalam ali sua 5bijik.

teringat mat.
arwah mat.

time aku tengah laju, aku tetiba masuk dalam lautan ingatan ingatan tebal tentang mat.
aku ingat balik perangai perangai bodo dia.
dia lawak.
suka lawan bapak.

classic example.

aku ingat ingat semalam aku 'terbual' dengan dia.
dia ajak aku mandi lombong
macam zaman dulu dulu

saved by the bell.

semester dah masuk minggu kesebelas.
assignment makin hari makin menyusut.
jadual final dah di-draf-kan.

tapi aku masih tak terima any warning letter.
tak juga dapat surat bar exam.


siapa kata panjat bulan tak sempat pegi kelas?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

bualan bualan sorang

Laptop aku antar format ari jumaat lepas.
Banyak sangat virus. Jd lembap.

Ari ni dapat balik.
40ringgit terbang laju selaju laptop yangbaru sudah format ni.


Tapi tak boleh lawan keterujaan aku pakai office 2007.
Tak pernah pakai before this.
Tak berapa reti sangat.
Tapi ada rasa teruja plak.

Ye la
ye la
aku jakun...:(

tibatiba aku terpikir.

Macam ni jugak ke perasaan jakun teruja garago anak2 orang kaya bila bapak diorang beli dorang keta sport when they reached 16 or 17...

Macam ni jugak ke perasaan jakun teruja garago survivallis - suvivallis darfur bila berjaya menghirup air bersih?...

Ada satu kesimpulan yang aku buat.
Apakah itu tandanya perasaan gembira, meluat, jelak, lucu, sedih termasuklah perasaan-perasaan beremosi tidaklah subjektif padahal objektif yang bermeterkan nasib seseorang itu?
Paham tak?
Aku pun susah nak paham,
Tapi try baca ulang ulang 2 3 kali kat perenggan signifikan tu.
Lama lama mesti paham.

da paham?
so i continue...

Maka persoalan lanjutnya adalah,
Apakah nasib kuat dalam mengawal arah langkah hidup kita?

Tak lah.
Nasib tu kita yang lukis sendiri.
Literally oke.
Yang tu pun takkan tak paham kot?

Monday, March 16, 2009

miang miang lalang self-atlantis

bilik aku semak sangat.
bilik dah macam lalang.
mana mana pun miang.

tapi nak mengemas bilik aku malas.
takde masa.
takde masa yang terluang untuk aku luangkan untuk
1. menyapu.
2. mengemop.
3. mengemop bilas.
4. betulkan cadar.
5. kutip abu abu rokok.
6. masukkan dvd dalam cover masing masing.
7. de-frag laptop.
8. hantar laundry.
9. buang sampah.
10. lap kipas.
11. jemur comforter.
12. basuh cawan dengan pinggan.

...haa banyak gila benda nak kena buat kalau alang alang nak mengemas.
sebab tu aku malas.

tapi badan da miang miang :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

you spanked my team, i'll spank yours, toyboy!

i am straight but im gonna fuck his ass good
if he somehow got trapped in the elevator with me or what not.
and its gonna make him regret the fact that his goals turn me into a psycho raper.

come 'ere pretty lad~!

totally nonsense.
just pulling legs.

or am i?

Friday, March 13, 2009

ada kawan tanya aku tadi thru ym "dat. awat ang sokong man u?"

aku bukan sokong man u atas alasan their past history is so darn colorful with pallets and stuffs.
aku juga bukan sokong man u atas alasan aku ni glory hunter.
kalo aku ni glory hunter, baek aku sokong kedah fc. 2straight season dapat treble kot.

lama berfikir,
aku buzz balik kawan aku ni.
dan aku taip jawapan ni.
"you see, pride is manchester united?"

dia bersetuju.

aku juga ada alasan alasan lain to support man u.

theres no other football team that can bring you results week in week out on regular basis that is worth your money. and the results is so vital when you keep dragging your gf to matches and beat her with attitude when utd's losing.

tapi secara relevannya, aku sokong man utd sebab aku ada sentimental value dengan org yang aku paling benci to date.

first football game yang aku tengok adlah utd lawan liverpool '93. both locked horn at old trafford.
it was live on tv3 that time.
part of special showcases since that day is raya haji.
that time, bapak aku still lingering around.
dia drive laju gila dari taiping ke melaka.
nak kejar game kul 6stengah.
dengan kelajuan ford econovan, kami terpaksa singgah satu kedai kat seremban.
tengok bola kat situ.
kat situ aku tersedar something yang drive aku sampai hari ni.

dalam keta depan kedai tu,
bapak aku kalut tukar baju.
dia pakai jersi utd yang ada lambang sharp tu.
replika one.
belakang ada nama giggs.

dia suruh cik aku tukar baju aku jugak.
suruh aku pakai jersi man u yang dia beli waktu dia kat siam.

setel tukar baju.
dia heret aku masuk kedai tu sambil mak kakak dan cik aku goin places to kill time.
dalam kedai ramai orang pakai baju sama dengan kami.

aku cakap kat bapak aku
"malulaa baju sama. boria."

bapak cakap
"pakai baju melayu warna sama, memang kena malu. pakai jersi man u sama dengan orang itu pride.'

aku kerut
"pride tu apa?"

bapak tipu
"pride tu manchester united."

aku percaya.
sampai hari ni.

...and united won 3-1 that day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

not that red, that red!

When you're a kid, there are many things that you cannot control and only a few that you can.

For example, you can't carefully select who you want as your brother or sister or handpick your parents. You can't make the best looking girl in the playground fancy you even if you tell her best mates to put in a good word. And under no circumstances can you fly (even if you jump off a really tall tree in the woods and flap your arms really fast.)

You can, however, pick your football team but that has its dangers too:
once you pick one, there's no going back.

Unless these words have been chewed up by cyberspace and spat out where they shouldn't have been, you chose to support United.

Well done, good choice.
The only choice you may say. Aren't you lucky you didn't pick the other lot from Manchester? Or the other "Reds" from up the road?
You see, your childhood soccer selection takes you on a journey of unprecedented highs or unenviable lows, or in some games, both.

It's the most important decision you make in your life.
And we all like to deal in facts, don't we?

Especially this weekend. What many kids don't realise at first though, is that when you pick a football team to love, you automatically select one or two to hate as well. That's what makes weekends like this one all the more enjoyable if you win and excruciatingly awful if you lose.

Speaking of which, many fans, pundits and ex-players have argued this week that Liverpool have nothing to lose when they arrive at the Theatre of Dreams because they've already lost the league.

For my sins, I have a friend who supports the Anfield Reds.
When he was a kid, he made a choice just like you but picked differently.

Yesterday, he proudly exclaimed: "We don't bother playing well in the league, we save ourselves for Europe."

Aren't you lucky you picked a team that can do both and ain't too shabby in the cups either?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

terbang terbang monolog-linguis

ingat tak kita pernah bual dulu.

i bagitau you yang
understanding itu adalah hasil terkumpulnya tindakan beralah dari sesuatu pihak demi kemamkmuran dua hala.

you ingat tak?


ingat tak i bagitau you yang verbal itu bukan hanya terwujud asas hanya dari bunyi.
verbal juga boleh bergerak dalam medium cakar cakaran monolog.

you ingat ke tak ni?!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

kasut saiz berapa?

negro, buasir dan dagu bulan.
kesian mak.

tapi ini mengajarnya untuk gembira atas apa yang digembirakan anak anaknya.
ianya tidak terlalu kejam kalau dilihat dari sudut nuetral tanpa perdolak-dalikkan garapan 'orang orang tua sahaja yang benar'.
mungkin di akhir cerita, mak akan belajar sesuatu yang tidak pernah terfikirkan olehnya.

untuk mak..

but again,
putting me in her shoes,
aku kongsi anjakan abnormalnya.
aku dapat rasa gelodak perasaannya.
ianya negatif.
ianya tak-dibuat-dek-orang.

tapi apa boleh buat,
mungkin kali ini mak yang kena pakai kasut anak anaknya.

tapi aku tak kesah.
what is so wrong dengan dagu panjang.

ye tak abg negro?
ye tak abg buasir?

ter-ignoran-kan. ter-ignoran-kan?

jangan terlalu rapat monyet.


kan dah jatuh.......

life daj... life.

ahh taklah.
aku mungkin terhalusinasi.

Monday, March 9, 2009

im just rambling sir.

Wha is wrong with

people who point at their wrist while asking for the time … I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?

What is wrong with

When people say “Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too”. Damn right! What good is cake if you can’t eat it?

When people say “it’s always the last place you look”. Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you’ve found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses!

What is wrong with

When people say “life is short”. What the hell?? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever does!! What can you do that’s longer?

What is wrong with

When people say while watching a film “did you see that?”. No Loser, I paid 10MYRt to come down to the cinema and stare at the damn leftover-popcorn-filled floor.

viva la famille

my sister are getting married.
glad that i am,
but just.

well, after 14years circling the colorful 5packs.
the addition of the new 2 is not something that i will cherish.
im quite kedekut just so u guys know.

but as one who fail to prevails life process,
i must nod on the arranged 'fixtures'.

if only they knew that everytime i kick-start my day,
i wish i am the only man who can love them.

if only they knew that everytime i laughed,
i dedicated my fun to them who taught me how to laugh when im still a toddler.

if only they knew that everytime they called,
i'll answered with the fact that im scared something bad happen on their ends.

if only they knew that everytime they celebrates their birthday,
im hoping that they turns into kids once more.

if only the knew that everytime i chose to make them happy,
it is the easiset option ever falls to my hands.

but most important,
this new phase of my sisters getting married scares me to death knowing that the next phase in line is the arrival of our young that equals to the departure of the elders.
not that im hoping for that to come soon.
but thats life eh?

dad's dilemma.
im too stupid in emo-sea for this.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

menyelesaikan tanda-tanya tidak penting.

tadi masa aku belek cover dvd yang aku nak bukak.
tajuk filem tu extreme movie.
sketches show je lebih kurang.
tetiba aku tepandang critical acclaim filem ni yang di-paste dari review hos rancangan good morning america, joel siegel.

muncul kembali satu curiositi lama:
betul atau tidak review review tempelan
para abg2 lanun cetak-rompak menampalkan pada kulit cover dvd itu sendiri itu tujuan pelarisan secara semberono.

aku google sekejap nama jon siegel ini.

enjin carian google menemukan satu berita yang menjawab pertanyaan aku:

ABC's 'Good Morning America' movie critic Joel Siegel dies at age ... - 47k - Cached - Similar pages.

terima kaseh google
TERIMA KASEH abang-lanun.

now i get it so i have to paste it :)

We landed in a concrete desert, rubble as far as the eye could see,
I says to Doc “Where we goin’?”
Doc says he’s following me,
We found the only building in the city that was left standing,
It was my local venue,
I know cos I recognised the landing,
And there’s a gig on tonight! This town ain’t so bad,
I got everything I need, right here in this pad,
So I pulled out a bottle and took a heroic swig,
Made myself comfortable and got ready for the gig,

Well an hour after doors and there was still no-one there,
The soundman was on acid, the fucking long hair,
The bands never showed cos they didn’t see the point,
When all the kids are at home still smoking a joint,
They won’t go out and do nothing, not on your nelly,
They’re just watching the telly and then feeding their belly,
Their parents listen to The Beatles, while they listen to Nirvana,
Cos Green Day and The Pistols, well they never heard either,

They got long sleeve T-shirts and they never shower,
They still believe in flower power,
The hippy dream’s faded but they got nothing new,
So they wear flares and slippers and burn incense sticks too,
The kids would rather skate than go out and smash the state,
While their parents sit still and meditate,
Action’s at a low when people just don’t care,
They zoned out to their surroundings, the anger’s not there,

And I’m stuck in this hippy, grunge reality,
Where the buildings are crumbling down from apathy,
They grab you at school when you’ve just turned 13,
And show you your brand new, life long routine,
You can sleep and work, and work and sleep,
So you can save up the money to buy a new jeep,
So you can sleep and work, and work and sleep,
Then sleep. Then work. Then work. Then sleep.

I pulled a fanzine out my back pocket, held it in my hands,
And watched the colours slowly fade away,
The words bled right off of the pages til it had nothing left to say,
I banged on the jukebox but it was useless,
It had no good records on,
Not even something weak like ‘The Best Punk Album In The World Ever Volume 1’,
Outside the windows, I saw the excavators coming to tear the place down,
No-one stopped them, for there is no community left in this town,
There’s no-one around to fight Margaret Thatcher,
The power of the flower just couldn’t match her,

Too strong was the will of Parliament to cause damage,
That with no punk rock everything went unchallenged,
Land got knocked down to build more land,
That got knocked down again for a couple more grand,
With no punk the protests were full of throwbacks calling each other comrade,
Of course the young folks’ attendance started to fade,
So it was easy for the police to move in, they were trusted,
And that’s when the whole damn town got busted,

They moved CCTV cameras in everywhere,
But the people were too apathetic to care,
They made them carry ID cards to state where they’re from,
As if by being born they had done something wrong,
They shipped all the poor folk to live out in the edges,
So the rich folk could move in and peer over their hedges,
“But before you leave, you’d better build our homes,
There, we’ve done you a favour, now you’re on your own,
This ain’t your home no more, go find somewhere new,
I know you ain’t got the money, cos it’s me who employs you,
I know everything about you, what you eat, how you dress,
Your hobbies, your turn-ons, your email address,
While I had you working in the dark, you didn’t realise,
That I completely stopped your ability to organise,
I didn’t let you have a reason to communicate,
I banned punk rock knowing you hippies would seal your own fate,
I controlled everything you wrote, everything you created,
I distracted you with advertisements so you forgot what you hated,
I fed your dark side, kept you consuming and competing,
And like a dog that doesn’t know when to stop eating,
You took it all, oh and long was it my intention,
You could have beat me if punk rock was your invention”
Instead the city will be sold to the highest bids,
If only Sham 69 had of united the kids,

If only the 4 Skins had told us ACAB,
If only The Ramones had let us know we were a happy family,
If only The Buzzcocks had shown us how to do it ourself,
If only Crass had shown us there are things more important than wealth,
If only The Vandals had shown us it was OK to smile,
If only The Dead Kennedys had helped us put our government on trial,
If only Rancid had played live, and brought with them that vibe,
If we had Sick Of It All and Madball we could put them all on the frontline,

If we had GG Allin we’d have learned it’s OK to be hated,
If we’d have had The Refused then we could have innovated,
If we’d had Poison Idea then they couldn’t push us over,
If we’d had Minor Threat then we could have done it sober,
If we’d have had Against Me we could have done it all unplugged,
If we’d had Operation Ivy we could have done it then fucked off,
If we had The Blitz, The Clash, Disorder, Propagandhi,
The Exploited, NOFX and anyone that’s handy,

There’s a lesson to be learned, one that I will take home,
When I return to my normal reality zone,
Punk rock has the power to change the world,
It lies in every single punk rock boy and girl,
So don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth the earth,
These streets are your streets, this turf is your turf,
Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ve got to give in,
Cos you can make a difference, you can change everything,
Just let your dreams be your pilot, your imagination your fuel,
Tear up the book and write your own damn rules,
Use all that heart, hope and soul that you’ve got,
And the love and the rage that you feel in your gut,
And realise that the other world that you’re always looking for,
Lies right here in front of us, just outside this door,
And it’s up to you to go out there and paint the canvas,
After all, you were put on the earth to do this,
So shine your light so bright that all can see,
Take pride in being whoever the fuck you want to be,
Throw your fist in the air in solidarity,
And shout “Viva la punk, just one life, anarchy”

Friday, March 6, 2009

garago's garage.

pertandingan siapa paling garago adalah pertandingan yang menawarkan hadiah ter-lumayan didunia.


tepuk dada, tanya selera.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ajak lawan kutuk, tapi last last tak tahan terus balik.

tadi aku pegi tengok game man utd.
game start start je dah free flow.
newcastle kemain lagi punya serang.

minit-9, rekod ulung van der sar hancur.

soft goal it is.
simple tap.

tapi dalam dok goyang tengok man u kena titik dulu,

terdengar suara sorang mamat melolong kegembiraan lantaran gawang man u bolos.

aku pun usha2 belakang,

aku dapat aim mamat tu.
rambut kenteng,
muka selekeh,
mesti penyokong liverpool,
sebab penyokong liverpool selalunya selekeh.

jantung jadi laju.
mood bitchy-bitchy-futebol aku meluap luap.

kena sebijik man u terus stepped up the gear.
oshea main one-two dengan park ji sung,
oshea set bola leret nak kata laju tak laju kat rooney,
1st touch rooney time tu sublime gila,
second touch dia terus drive bola into the net.

the next thing i know,
aku dah melompat depan muka mamat kenteng tu sambil mendepangkan tangan menjerit jeritwith my eyes looks stright into his bigger-than-life pimple scars.
muka mamat tadi jadi merah sambil sengih sengih try pandang tempat lain.

5minit lepas tu,

mamat tu terus pegi kaunter,

camtu je.
memang sah la dia merseysiders.

ayam sedari dulu.

puisi, agama dan sensitiviti umat

tadi aku ke majlis kampus.
ada resital puisi dari orang orang sastera yang prihatin.

maka ini boleh aku kemuncakkan sebagai satu tanda yang tempat belajar aku ini kerap juga menoropong permasalahan luar sambil mengeluh-kesah.

tapi mengapa hanya konflik-baru-masak kampuchea dan juga permasalahan fundamentalis dua agama wahyu sahaja yang digazetkan?
konteks penghayatan empati secara popular sudah sedari dulu aku gelengkan.
tiadakah simpati untuk golak gelodak darfur?
krisis makanan di somalia?
perebakan virus hiv dari konteks baru di afrika tengah tidakkah mahu dilolongi ditangisi bersama?

aku sampai majlis sudah pun bermula.
tapi para dif dif kehormat masih belum tiba.
itu standard.
barulah imej the-important-one-is-the-last-to-come tersemat rapi sehingga ke liang lahat.

himpunan audien-paksaan sudah lama tiba.
antaranya aku.
dan diantara aku dan pelajar pelajar yang aku tidak kenali,
duduk disudut kiri dewan adalah berpuluh puluh kanak kanak kecil berbaju sedondon biru yang aku khuatir motif kehadiran mereka.
apakah hanya untu merasai kehidupan malam dibilik berhawa digin?
mungkin juga.
cayalah dik, bijak menggunakan peluang!

setelah berdiri selama hampir 2minit untuk menghormati dato seri dan beberapa orang orang penting,
muzika patriotisma dialunkan.
ramai yang menyanyi lagu kebangsaan dengan tertib.

aku mula lelah dengan protocol protocol asas majlis seperti ini.
tapi takpe, demi attendance, aku layankan aje.

kemudian naek seorang saudara bersongkok dan berbaju batik.
amboi, 'melayu hadhari' betol.
beliau adalah pembaca doa untuk majlis itu.

semua hadirin termasuk aku diam menghormati doa yang diucapnya sambil di-amin-kan oleh saudara saudara seagama.
doa dia panjang.
aku ralit mendengar.
sedap doa 'ratapan palestin' itu.

aku mengesan bait bait doa-nya dijerumuskan semberono kearah manusia manusia bukan islam.
dia berdoa agar tuhannya menghancurkan orang orang kafir dan menyelamatkan saudara seagamanya dari azab peperangan.
aku tersentak.
ish biadap-nye.

mana perginya sensitiviti saudara melayu-hadhari berbaju batik ini?
tidak ada nilai toleransi-kah dia dalam mengucapkan doa.
ramai kot audien dia yang dari golongan non-moslem.
budak budak sabah row depan aku mula tidak senang duduk.
hati mereka pasti menangis.
hati para 'kafir' pasti merajuk mengenangkan status mereka yang didoakan agar menerima impak bala dari tuhan saudara melayu hadhari tadi.

mengelengkan kepala.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

perak: land of the soon-to-be amazonians

stop wrecking the nation para yang berhormat.
emergency sitting of the perak state assembly which was held on a street, under a tree, should be stop immediately.
we're not living in the jungle anymore to gather around bushes and such for pro-talks kan?

i dont know about you guys,
but i'm definitely not.

and its a pity watching people's rep gathered around the street talking about constitutions, laws and plan the longevity of the state.

theres a lot of barrier la yang berhormat.

just think,
where suddenly a big lorry ramming through the road, forcing MP's to say:

oop oop.
sat sat, teman tak dengo tadi,
kome tak nampak lori beso kemaen lalu tadi,
mane teman nak dengo ape yang kome kabo-kan.
ate, mintak ulang ye.

daulat tuanku.

Monday, March 2, 2009


aishh menang lagi.
this winning habit have to stop!

kalau-lah aku ada phone no. alex fguson.
i'll tell him riteaway to:

stop having a very useful selective squad.
our blue side CITY couldn't keep up.

stop buying superb-craze futebol hungarian-idol and invites him to jog in matches, sweeping posture goals and creates sublime assists.
its an insult for drogba's and his old-bull teammates.
poor chelsea haa folks?

stop creates "evra to nani to tevez, dummy to rooney and goalll!!!" set-pieces.
its cruel to 'the beautiful game' team,
yours truly- ARSENAL.

and sir,
stop predicts thing.
it will demoralised the ever-fittest LIVERPOOL especially those kop's beauty boys.

and stop kicks team out of contention so easily.

plus do warned them that life's will get tough when united starts to hate.

exhibit A : Leeds United F.C
[dont get us hate you]

glory glory sir.