Wednesday, December 24, 2008

my 2008 zeros and heros

2008 zeros

1. my 'not anymore' housemate.
i definitely hate this one guy. with a type of face that only his mom would love. thats only if his mom is one eye blind. with a body like he is on steroid. smelly nose. stupid annoying jokes and bad bad ditched history. total bookworm with none ever than stupid facts managed to get inside that nut-size brain. and up to this point of this piece is written, he stills owes us rm110. let he be condemned by his own words and die by his own sword

2. farah natchiar.
the hottest lecturer. gave me C for his 5 students-taking paper. where's the love ay? total goon.

3. arsene wenger.
The fact that his team (in his eyes) never does anything wrong and that everyone else in the world has caused the trouble really gets to me. and his eyes are very far apart and it makes him look like a cod.

4. christiano ronaldo.
im a utd fan myself and ronaldo is a class player though, i dont like him, i would not care if he left. he dont play for the shirt like rooney scholes and tevez. the boy wants madrid, let him have it that sour faced wanker.

5. 16.09.08
on this date, ivebeen poised to believe that mr. ultraman is finally gonna claim his word. and how i and millions of others have been punk'd.

6. august - november on ganja's calendar.
the shortage of heavenly ganja really gets into me. i spent almost everything i have on that time (friends, moneys, credits, times, passions, hopes and dreams) to land myself and friends a passage to the laugh-town. and we never arrives though we never missed the bus.

7. awie and his new crusade against ...
aww come on!!!

2008 heros

1. sex.
ooo-yahhh. brotha always get some.

2. the new non-chaotic britney spears.
at last, theres some silver lining through her life. still i guess a normal life would be boring as hell compared to what she was doing before. welcome to the real world brit. Its not all about the partying. thats what happens when you’re a mommy and a friggin grown up.

3. hindraf.
see indians marches on and on do scares me at one point. honestly, who doesnt? but what hindraf did does make leaders and malaysian realise that theres also muthukumar standing tall next to ah chong and ali. ditto!

4. cik.
what a year she spent when usually peoples just sit back and counting their days, but she travelled to malacca, bought things that she knows shes never gonna wear and instead of poppin some pills and get her ass to chemo process, she's chose to watching indo-drama and cater the family with her daily chores. goodness me!

5. manchester united.
champions of england. champions of europe. champions of the world.
nuff said.

6. adleena adha.
where devotion, passion, lusts and laughs creates life.
cheesy. cheesy.cheesy.

ah... the repetition of life , again

practical joke: refer to playing someone

playing someone:
refer to practical joke

got it?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


aku da tengok result aku.
result tahpape.
tapi aku tak rasa kecewa.
ianya adil untuk aku.
semester lepas aku malas belajar.
semester lepas aku malas pegi pegi kelas
semester lepas aku banyak isap dadah.
semester lepas aku banyak main main.

so to sum up,
aku takkan gantung diri.

Friday, December 19, 2008

come on you reds!

relishing mourinho to old trafford coming this february, i cant wait to watch the match.
been talking with friends about getting real madrid over the draw. but internazionale getting the script somehow.

its not that bad.
it is not that hard either for m16 to hammered.
inter so to speak is not really a big gun in champions league.
but if theres a lesson that i learn from football, it should be never put your money on teams that visits san siro.

but still,
since its united that i followed since many years ago,
the only thing that i learn is just remembering how many trophies that we collects each years.
cocky phrase huh?
well i think i should be.
im not supporting gunners after all,
so, why should i beheaded for trophyless phrase ay?

so i'd say, come january,
we should have a healthy position in the league and by that i mean being on top
we should cruise our way to rome come may by kicking goals through inter's net.

in bidding term,
If the call to arms is to ‘pay your money and take your choice', then I'm zipping up my wallet, putting it in my piggy bank and placing it in the safe.

berjudi itu haram!

Monday, December 15, 2008

gott ist tot

nietzsche: tuhan sudah mati

tuhan: nietzsche sudah mati

tuhan sudah mati,
nietzsche sudah mati
dan aku sendiri merasa agak tidak sedap badan.

on being paraylse, sex-less possibility and being cheesy

i often wonder, If i were suddenly paralysed from the waist down, what would be left of my life? Obviously my sex life would not be the same. Would it even exist i asked myself at one point. and so i got numb and failed to delivered any answers.

What's life without sex?
Well, a lot of things. There is family and friends. Football alone will consume so much of my life i may never be able to think about sex even if i wanted.

There are careers.
Some people spend their whole lives building their careers, going to school and keep current.

There are hobbies like cooking, reading, writing, sports, and gambling.

There are vacations, exploring and traveling the world.

There is learning new things like how to play the piano or a another musical instrument.

There is helping people and feeling good about it.

I'm sure i could add a lot more to this list but i wont.

because, what if i maxed out all these above possibilities and still had great sex?
Wouldn't life be grand?

I heard life is balancing act. It's balancing all the areas of life and not allowing one aspect to offset another. If i'm only thought about sex 24/7 i'd be a really boring person in my book. I need to get out of bed, do things, met people, have new experiences, read new books, learn new things. I feel restless and discontent when my life is not balanced.

Is my life in balance?
i still cant answer that, but every single day i thank myself for having yeen.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

selamat hari raya hajah maznah!

esok raya haji.
raya untuk mak aku yang 5tahun lepas bersusah payah wukuf di arab saudi.
maka semuanya about mak aku esok.
tapi sambutan raya haji kali ni kurang meriah sikit.
banyak masalah keluarga lingering around.
mak cik aku baru kena diagnose breast cancer and bein given 2years to live is not a pelasant reason for us to celebrate raya haji secara besar besaran.
maka tahun ni semuanya suram.
kak ina pun kena kerja, so dia tak balik kampung.
mak pun takat buat rendang dgn ketupat je.
lemang aku tak buat.
takde mood. sumpah.
aku salu beria nk bakar lemang, tapi memandangkan banyak unsur keseihan untuk raya kali ni, aku terasa berat nak bakar lemang.
cik pun tak kemas rumah teruk teruk sangat.
mungkin dia asek terpikir about her remaining 2years.
and aku tak salahkan dia kalau dia tak nak 2tahun terakhir dia ni akan diisi dengan aktiviti mengemas rumah.

lagi dua tahun,
hidup aku mesti tak seronok.
ah takpe. aku pegang nasihat yeen dan kawan kawan kampung, doktor tak smestinya betul.

oh ya by the way...
selamat hari raya hajah mak!

Monday, December 1, 2008

who's the boss? dont ask me stupid question please.

last night, United completely dominated the first half. City’s muted supporters were reduced to cheering the odd throw-in or tackle won. I couldn’t even see who’d scored the goal when Rooney poked the ball home from Carrick’s saved shot as the penangites-mancunian sitting in front of me went mental.

In the second half the Reds weathered the inevitable spell of pressure from the city, and battled through when Ronaldo got sent off in the game’s talking point. I thought a red card was inevitable with the way Howard Webb refereed the game. Derbies aren’t ordinary matches, and should be recognised as such. Start dishing out yellow cards left, right and centre and you disrupt the game’s flow, get players and fans agitated and you set a precedent - the only way to be consistent is to keep giving out yellow cards.

Ronaldo’s first booking simply wasn’t a foul - he got the ball - and Rafael’s booking, the first of the afternoon, was another case in point. He’s an 18-year-old lad playing in his first Derby. Yes, ok he threw the ball away, but just speak to him, tell him to calm down and get on with the game. Next time, you’ll go in the book.

Webb consistently got it wrong all afternoon – even at the end he gave a throw-in for United that should have gone to City, then seconds later gave a throw to City when it should have been United’s. Fortunately it didn’t contrive to deny United of a fully deserved victory, and Ronny misses Blackburn in the Carling Cup – a game he may well not have played in anyway.

Darren Fletcher, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov were all excellent for the Reds. In comparison, it is clear that in Manchester, United fans finished the game singing “where was Robinho?” after the also impressive Rafael largely kept his countryman as quiet as his team's supporters.

The Blues may have added a few 0s to their bank account, but it’s still United that boast the wealth of talent. And where as City released their season review dvd last term celebrating their derby double, United move on from these victories looking at the wider picture : chasing the title.