Monday, May 10, 2010

as round as it is.

and so with 50million richer.
harry calls the boy,
bale. gareth bale.

and so he said, "big clubs are waiting for you johnyboy. and i cant afford to hold your potential. father to son speaking, this club is not for you. this is a selling club. so since to have you next season is more unlikely to happened. lets make this as a win-win deal. you sign a 4years extension with us. and fly out next season. your price will hike up at about +11million. makes it 20mil. aint that enough for the club who raised you and your new double figure pricetag persona?

and so that bale signed an extension contracts.
and packing his back for the theatre of dream.

modern football is another real-estate business.

harry redknapp are the manager of the year aint he fergie?

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