Friday, June 26, 2009

mengadap mekah atau ros ditangan. whats a big fuss?

and so the king of pop find died on 25june.
jackson's passing was front-page news around the world.

and in malaysia, people are not just talking about his c.o.d.
none were mention about what caused the death of this once the whitest molester in hollywood history.
what they really concern about is the funeral orientation of this pop king.
whether michael will be buried in christianity fashion with roses in his hand
mikail will be rested in white kapan facing mecca.

this is what malaysian put their concerns-hat on.
in the world of pop culture,
one culture still lingers around malaysian concerns.
its religion fundamentalism.

funny and audacious.


yeen said...

alaa, sini tade cam facebook tu la.
takpe la wat sendiri la.

incredibly clever. ;)

coin-operated daj said...

haha fb-addict betull.

Pencungkil GiGi said...

diorang bakar dow!

yeen said...

bakar ke? elok la. idakla merosak alam sgt. maklumla, plastic tu sume lom tentu biodegradable tu. ;)