Thursday, August 20, 2009

bahasa inggeris mengada adalah mood aku skarang dan meg suruh aku jadi mini-cupid. HEY!!!

meg been asking for yours truly doing him some good deed.
wonder on what is it gonna be, i rushed to his place in the hostel [booo tua2 pun dok ostel].


for the reason getting high at level 9 is a pretty awesome scene for me to relaxed after being strangled for two full hours in mohani-with-lots-of-knighthood's class.

her class is so motivating in case of self-enlightenment as i chose being shot in the head rather than not skipping out smoking at the back. a pretty good motivation for accepting death don't you think?

she's so exceptional the lecturer. i rather learning maths than being present in her class, mind you.

shes is so boring even though on her way to circus-ing the class with her 'supposed to be funny' story.

B.O.R.I.N.G = Boring?


she spell it D.E.A.T.H

creepy old granny laa dia tu.

aa, by the way. ive been asking by meg to match him to one of the people who follows my piece.
one of four to be precised.

i cant quite recognised the girl.
but she looks familiar.
i lie none.
someones from daha's class ive been thinking.
but if only i can be much surer.

so heres the thing,
ive been leaving you guys with url's and stuff for you, the public, to try and help meg.
please do. he's a big annoying at asking something. kenjan tau dak kenjan. hahahah.

so for Fana, meg kirim salam.
dia ajak kenal.
meg hobi main bola.
asal perlis.
dan ada kancil bikin luar saje.

and not to forget,
meg do ask you to closely-connect via his myspace.


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