Tuesday, September 1, 2009

*kuda. of nancy-penalty issue from a viewpoint of me whos at time befriend with similar stuff.

why not just stop awarding penalties altogether?
In fact, lets not bother with fouls. that will completely eliminate diving and will allow for a nice, interruption-free game. I'd rather that, than have to hear yet more 'rooney was already falling before almunia touched him', 'eduardo was taking evasive action and would have been fouled had he not done so', 'blah blah blahdy fuckin blah whine' comments.

if a player is taking evasive action and is successful in doing so, then why should it be a foul? the player chose to abandon his pursuit of the ball, in favor of making sure he wasnt hurt, so therefore he also gives up his right to claim a penalty or free-kick. got me?

the game is football. the aim is to play the ball into the back of your opponent's net. At some point along the way, an opponent may well try and stop you.
now at this stage you have a choice:
try to continue with the ball,
give up and just let them have it.

please bear in mind that, on some occasions, your opponent is going to come at you quite aggressively, and possibly with the intention of hurting you.
if you are scared of that then
it just isn't the game for you. syuhh~

i'm not someone who revels in the 'it's a man's game' attitude that justifies kicking a prone opponent in the face, but nor do I feel that hurdling a challenge justifies a penalty.
Seriously come on, if eduardo was scared of what might happen, then the man should not be on the pitch.

the game should not be tailord to the psychological shortcomings of others. There are plenty of players who have suffered similarly awful injuries, and I'm sure some suffered more than others with the mental aspect, but that is not the fault of every future opponent they meet, and they should not be afforded any special treatment.

if you set foot on the pitch, you should be prepared to be on the receiving end of hard tackles sometimes. not psychotic, head-high schumacher-style fouls, but certainly the occasional ball-then-man-then-advertising-hoarding rip-snorter.

It is part of the bloody game.

If any player takes issue with that, then perhaps they should try their hand at netball.
just like professional wrestling.

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