Sunday, September 20, 2009

why utd got 6minutes added time you ask?

from re-winding the match, craig bellamy scored city's 3rd on 89:55.

the game does not restart until 91:01.
one minute and six seconds have been wasted and will be added onto the original four minutes of added time, taking it to at least 95:06.

carrick was brought on to replace Anderson.
All substitutions add 30 seconds onto added time, taking it to 95: 36

owen scored the winner on 95:28, meaning the game was still 8 seconds within added time.

so shut up sky-blue!
city are just blackburn rovers on steroids.


yeen said...

and i suddenly hate tevez that night.

coin-operated daj said...

ahh that hamster.
hell with it

sHamrock said...

alasan! huh!

coin-operated daj said...

hey kop :)
torres were overrused.
send it to rafa ja?