Friday, January 1, 2010

est. '09

how to define a good new year?
dipertemukan dengan the only reason i wanna be associated with batang kali is half of the process.
let alone the 2-3 days quick prep.
cheras drive in.
keramat let off.
the doubt over meth. come' on. i tak suka serius2 laa yang. dont worry.
the classic not-over-than-3minutes-of-quality-time-with-yeen -should-be-spared look by sakir and yap.
musika mior yang agak form dari malam2 berikutnya.
meg suka suka dalam segan.
dan saya mula menjadi buih berbuih buih.

so, how to define a good new year?
just put it up this way,
when you woke up from sleep on jan 1.
still wearing the same '09 shirt.
still recognised the template of your life at the start 5minutes.
you know how to walk straight and sure.
you went to last night major spot.
and continue cleebrating '09.
thats a good new year.

try me '10.

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