Sunday, April 26, 2009

enough with the luck talk you stupid kop!

Put the case that Liverpool plays a team threatened with relegation, struggles to gain control of the first half, and find the breakthrough, despite their opponents putting in more effort and creating more chances than them, in the form of a direct freekick as a result of a foul that never should have been given.

They then have a man advantage when the opponent get a man sent off, and score a second through equally controversial circumstances when the referee fails to spot a handball in the box on the way to goal. They then go on to win the match.

Now put the case that Manchester United, starting later that day in second place, going two goals behind to Spurs by half time for not capitalising on the many more chances they had in comparison. They come out of the break all guns firing, and get a penalty that was not quite stonewall, converted it, and went on to dominate a team that could not find the answer to them. Final score 5-2 and a comfortable win in the end.

The media goes on to have a field day about a comeback that never should have been if that penalty wasn't given. Harry Redknapp thinks that United would never have found a way back if not for Howard Webb. United were oh so lucky that Howard Webb was on our side. No mention of Javier Mascherano's blatant dive to win that freekick, nor Lucas's handball in the box gone unspotted.

Obviously, we completely struggled against Spurs all ninety minutes and were utterly unable to create another chance in that match. Obviously, Howard Webb awarded us five penalties in the match and that was how we got it back. Very evidently, Spurs were having go after go at us during the first half and followed it up in the second, resulting in bribery of Webb the only way we could have clawed our way back.

Oh, and Liverpool were rock solid throughout, as usual.

You could'nt find a team the world hates more than Man United. People all over are blatantly deluding themselves, clinging on to every excuse they have just so that they can have the satisfaction of denying us our 'moral right' to win. United always win titles because they are lucky. Passion, grit, willpower, skill and strokes of genius just seem to be beyond any of them to admit. Those words are reserved for other teams, and strictly not for us on matchday.

First and foremost, the decision itself to award the penalty may have been contentious, but on second look, keeper Gomez might have gotten the slightest of touches to it, but he, knowing he was the last man, collided into Carrick anyway to prevent him from stepping over to get the ball and play it on into the open goal.

Penalty? There is no question about it. Some say red card for the keeper. Most say we were gifted that breakthrough.

Regardless, if Spurs had had the guts or stomach for the fight, we were still trailing 1-2 then, and they could have held on to their lead if they had, as Redknapp felt, been the better team. How is it that one controversial penalty decision led to another four more goals going past them, all in spectacular style?

Why not credit Rooney and Ronaldo for their sheer magic last night? Why not applaud Tevez and the manner in which he injected such energy into the side upon his introduction? How about the kind of steel it takes for Dimitar Berbatov, under so much criticism by his team's fans of late, to produce a magnificent display that was capped by a goal?

I'm so sick of the whole luck talk that our success has been attributed to. Sure, I don't deny for one minute that we have had our fair share of luck sometimes, but last night was definitely not it, and we most certainly have not won 17 English titles being lucky all the way.

Still, it does bring out a really satisfied snigger in me and all Red Devils worldwide, now that we are on the verge of a record-equalling 18, the kop are wetting themselves trying to deny that we're simply the best team in England. Maybe they should change their motto.

"Next year is our year. and us kop just living in the past"

total goon!

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