Monday, December 15, 2008

on being paraylse, sex-less possibility and being cheesy

i often wonder, If i were suddenly paralysed from the waist down, what would be left of my life? Obviously my sex life would not be the same. Would it even exist i asked myself at one point. and so i got numb and failed to delivered any answers.

What's life without sex?
Well, a lot of things. There is family and friends. Football alone will consume so much of my life i may never be able to think about sex even if i wanted.

There are careers.
Some people spend their whole lives building their careers, going to school and keep current.

There are hobbies like cooking, reading, writing, sports, and gambling.

There are vacations, exploring and traveling the world.

There is learning new things like how to play the piano or a another musical instrument.

There is helping people and feeling good about it.

I'm sure i could add a lot more to this list but i wont.

because, what if i maxed out all these above possibilities and still had great sex?
Wouldn't life be grand?

I heard life is balancing act. It's balancing all the areas of life and not allowing one aspect to offset another. If i'm only thought about sex 24/7 i'd be a really boring person in my book. I need to get out of bed, do things, met people, have new experiences, read new books, learn new things. I feel restless and discontent when my life is not balanced.

Is my life in balance?
i still cant answer that, but every single day i thank myself for having yeen.

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