Friday, December 19, 2008

come on you reds!

relishing mourinho to old trafford coming this february, i cant wait to watch the match.
been talking with friends about getting real madrid over the draw. but internazionale getting the script somehow.

its not that bad.
it is not that hard either for m16 to hammered.
inter so to speak is not really a big gun in champions league.
but if theres a lesson that i learn from football, it should be never put your money on teams that visits san siro.

but still,
since its united that i followed since many years ago,
the only thing that i learn is just remembering how many trophies that we collects each years.
cocky phrase huh?
well i think i should be.
im not supporting gunners after all,
so, why should i beheaded for trophyless phrase ay?

so i'd say, come january,
we should have a healthy position in the league and by that i mean being on top
we should cruise our way to rome come may by kicking goals through inter's net.

in bidding term,
If the call to arms is to ‘pay your money and take your choice', then I'm zipping up my wallet, putting it in my piggy bank and placing it in the safe.

berjudi itu haram!

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