Wednesday, December 24, 2008

my 2008 zeros and heros

2008 zeros

1. my 'not anymore' housemate.
i definitely hate this one guy. with a type of face that only his mom would love. thats only if his mom is one eye blind. with a body like he is on steroid. smelly nose. stupid annoying jokes and bad bad ditched history. total bookworm with none ever than stupid facts managed to get inside that nut-size brain. and up to this point of this piece is written, he stills owes us rm110. let he be condemned by his own words and die by his own sword

2. farah natchiar.
the hottest lecturer. gave me C for his 5 students-taking paper. where's the love ay? total goon.

3. arsene wenger.
The fact that his team (in his eyes) never does anything wrong and that everyone else in the world has caused the trouble really gets to me. and his eyes are very far apart and it makes him look like a cod.

4. christiano ronaldo.
im a utd fan myself and ronaldo is a class player though, i dont like him, i would not care if he left. he dont play for the shirt like rooney scholes and tevez. the boy wants madrid, let him have it that sour faced wanker.

5. 16.09.08
on this date, ivebeen poised to believe that mr. ultraman is finally gonna claim his word. and how i and millions of others have been punk'd.

6. august - november on ganja's calendar.
the shortage of heavenly ganja really gets into me. i spent almost everything i have on that time (friends, moneys, credits, times, passions, hopes and dreams) to land myself and friends a passage to the laugh-town. and we never arrives though we never missed the bus.

7. awie and his new crusade against ...
aww come on!!!

2008 heros

1. sex.
ooo-yahhh. brotha always get some.

2. the new non-chaotic britney spears.
at last, theres some silver lining through her life. still i guess a normal life would be boring as hell compared to what she was doing before. welcome to the real world brit. Its not all about the partying. thats what happens when you’re a mommy and a friggin grown up.

3. hindraf.
see indians marches on and on do scares me at one point. honestly, who doesnt? but what hindraf did does make leaders and malaysian realise that theres also muthukumar standing tall next to ah chong and ali. ditto!

4. cik.
what a year she spent when usually peoples just sit back and counting their days, but she travelled to malacca, bought things that she knows shes never gonna wear and instead of poppin some pills and get her ass to chemo process, she's chose to watching indo-drama and cater the family with her daily chores. goodness me!

5. manchester united.
champions of england. champions of europe. champions of the world.
nuff said.

6. adleena adha.
where devotion, passion, lusts and laughs creates life.
cheesy. cheesy.cheesy.

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yeen said...

zero #1 = i told you so. lalala.
hero #6 = u make me smile. yet again, m smiling for your post. ;j