Friday, May 22, 2009

honey, i hate to break this up for you but..

he is a little deluded about his value.
he is not a ronaldo or rooney.

tevez is a player who runs around a lot.
so did alan smith.

so does a hamster in a wheel.


Max J. Potter said...

your posts arent that long. but they are long enough to amuse me.

im amused by people people who can write short, amusing posts.


i'll come again. =)

coin-operated daj said...

ahh thanks.
glad it maused u tht much.

just come as u please ya, i dont charge :)

yeen said...

a hamster might amuse us too.
that's probably why people pet them.
and we shall keep tevez too.

coin-operated daj said...

but we got that hamster-show goin on in park ji sung and perhaps nani.
three hamster is a crowd la hun.