Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's not the losing - the better side won

very disappointed with the result obviously and united's performance tonight. we played really well for all of 10 minutes, then once barca scored with their first attack we never recovered and struggled to string a good move together.

i can't really remember valdes having a save to make. it was sad to see giggs so ineffective, carrick giving the ball away far too easily, and rooney isolated on the wing.

having said that full credit to barcelona, pep guardiola and messi - they played brilliantly and I have absolutely no complaints. the best team won on the night and barca are, quite rightly, the best team in rome. congratulations on their own version of the treble as well.

all in all still a good season for united, despite the disappointment at the end, and hopefully Tevez and Ronaldo will come to their sense and go to whenever they want to go.

thanks for a great Season though united.
It was obviously just one game too far.

heres to the 09-10 season!


yeen said...

this entry would really keep mancunian's faith alive.

m e E n said...

Itu pon satu pencapaian yg baik!
kalo menang lagi terbaik.

coin-operated daj said...

We get em nx time. Glory glory!!!