Wednesday, October 15, 2008

by the way, im cancerian

//by the way, im Cancerian

People manage to relate their Zodiac signs to their own life. A Zodiac sign tells you aspects of your personality. I believe that people relate these aspects by mere coincidence or random association. A minor event in one's life might lead them to think that their sign is exactly what is says they are, who they are.

One action of a person might lead them to bieleve that they are a what the zodiac says they are. this event doesnt even need to be minor or major in the individuals life. It could just be 'there'.

the random association of the zodiac could just be the social conditions of the person's environment. zodiacs rely solely on the person's date of birth.. while one person might have been born in a bustling town [i was born here], another in a quiet, rural place [and i live here... DAMN!!!], they are sure to be different. but according to the zodiac, they would both be the same, if their birthdays were the same.

this expresses to me how people try to make sense of things, but don't really know how. you cannot simply put something so simple such as a zodiac sign to decipher a personality, most of us are individual. you cannot assume, you must know, learn, and explore.

Some of you may be saying that it is already opening up your mind to label people by a redundant symbol. Naah, I tell you. There is much more to be discovered than what already is there. There are no true answers that we know of. laws revert to theories, eveidence second guessed, questions arising. but we simpletons still use our primitiv ways of explaining things.
it has been said that the way we learn is by relating something with something else, for example. "this looks like this", or "this reminds me of this." but I think the humand mind is so much more. its potential is limitless.
some of us believe in a higher power, that only it knows the true secrets of life and of the universe [ i know i dont]. but how can one think such a thing short of being defeatist? look at all the accomplishments of our clearly superior ancestors. we have unraveled the mysteries once thought to be unsolvable. we have concquered our fears and looked into the unknown. in our known existance, we have achieved things [huge one!], and yet people still say we will never know anything.

but I believe that we will know so much more, maybe not everything. there may always be some tidbit or giant piece of information we have not decoded, some giant curtain that has never been peeked behind. but as long as we look to the future and share our findings, we will never stop learning. The human race is alike to a giant mind as long as people continue to give knowledge to others. I don't expect peace, but conflict. Nothing can be achieved from closed minded bargains. We must struggle to know. Nothing will be too be to grasp, nothing too tiny to see. Reality will be but a complex puzzle that will be solved.

As our glorious body grows, so will our minds.

If your reading this now, I still haven't been able to edit it. I thought that I would lose all my thoughts if I bothered with spellchecking it without finishing. So a lot of this is raw, and you might laugh at stuff such as my "Naah I tell you." line [im actually try to imitated the pussycat dolls act]. I just hoped it enlightened some people or made them look at things differently.

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