Saturday, October 18, 2008


Lately I think you would probably have been feeling like you're smarter than everyone else. But, once you get around someone smarter than you, you'll start thinking you're better looking than everyone else. Then some handsome devil walks in with his damn fine car and his top notch girlfriend and a good friend and you begin to think that you might be the funniest man alive. Until you tell a joke no one laughs at then you'll start thinking that they didn't get it because you're smarter then they are. It's a bloody vicious circle dude.

come to think about it,
you're not smart. you're average. you're not good looking, you're smelly. you're not funny, you are the joke.

goodness me.
who is 'hypocrite and poyo' now ay?

1 comment:

yeen said...

told you. he's not that nice after all. now who's biting who ay?