Tuesday, February 10, 2009

easy peasy... poor you chelsea

roman abramovich may be appearing to lose interest now,

but remember that he is the reason that Chelsea fans are complaining about being fourth.

he is the one who uplifted the tiny club with cash injection and all to transforms chelsea into once a massive threat for the devil.

so stop whining blues,
just play along with your russian money-daddy.

as for me,
the departure of big phil is not really a big phew.
i like that old bloke.
but i just love the way the club keep on losing on every tournament prior to the old hunch footballers.

perhaps if tv pundit mr alan hansen is still doing his thing, he might just rephrase his '92 famous line with
"you'll never win anything with old chaps".

and i hope,
mr hansen do get it right this time.

so long.... chelsea.


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