Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the life list

because I’m a hell of a lot more likely to accomplish my goals if they’re all typed up and posted on the Internet…

1. visit Old Trafford.

2. visit every continent
north america
south america

3. become conversational in another language

4. get married before i reach 30

5. have children

6. complete a marathon

7. go on a cruise

8. visit all my relatives

9. take a photo with a celebrity

10. own a house

11. cook a complete meal. oh, god!

12. pay off my car

13. going for 3honeymoons

14. visit the grand canyon

15. send flowers to mak oh her birthday

16. ake silly pictures in a photo booth

17. attend a major religious service for at least four different religions.

18. milk a cow.

19. authoring a book.

20. swim with dolphins.

21. stop take a self portrait photo.

22. explore a jungle.

23. volunteer at a shelter home

24. skydive

25. put my hand in ten of the world’s oceans and bodies of water

26. be an extra in a movie or a television show

27. go backpacking for at least one month

28. ride a camel

29. kissing a dog

30. try something I’m afraid of doing

31. visit bali, indonesia

32. take recreational culinary classes

33. get naked on a nude beach

34. Read 20 books in one year

35. visit machu picchu

36. drive through a tollbooth and pay for myself and the car behind me

37. walk on a glacier

38. visit the Great Wall of China

39. send out a photo holiday card

40. playing pull-the-finger with my children

41. buy something for my families that they couldn’t afford on their own

42. leave a ridiculously big tip for a breakfast waitress

43. watch the sunrise at the beach

44. stay in an Ice Hotel

45. regularly smoking pot

46. have a real picnic

47. go to a music festival

48. stay at a spa for an entire weekend

49. attend a school reunion

50. Adopt a pet

51. Take a picture in the towns all 4 of my grandparents were born in

52. visit segovia spain

53. adapt to smartphones

54. leave my home city once a month for a year

55. leave my home country once a year for five years

56. visit scotland

57. ride in a submarine

58. take dance lessons

59. see the aurora borealis

60. go wine tasting

61. visit victoria falls in zimbabwe

62. write one handwritten card or letter per week for a year

63. learn how to ski

64. go white water rafting

65. travel alone

66. take LSD

67. spend hari raya on a beach

68. buy the perfect little black dress for my beau

69. go camping

70. get a tattoo

71. make homemade sex video

72. buy a nissan 350z

73. visit the galapagos islands

74. enter a writing contest

75. have sex on a train

76. swim in the Dead Sea

77. attend a white tie event

78. go canoeing

79. hitchhike

80. get my picture in a major newspaper

81. be able to complete twenty pull-ups

82. Host a dinner party

83. ride a zip line

84. go to the olympics

85. visit iran

86. go on safari in africa

87. spend a month as a vegetarian

88. go snorkeling at the great barrier reef

89. repair the house roof on my own

90. volunteer for 100 hours

91. hike a volcano

92. take my mom and sisters on a vacation

93. Walk out from a meeting

94. fly a kite

95. create a personal mission statement for myself

96. eat seafood for a week.

97. wear tuxedo

98. donate blood

99. learn how to change faces fast

100. show up at the airport with my bag and passport- take the first available flight

dream on...


alia said...

take a photo with a celebrity.

which celeb may i ask?

coin-operated daj said...

it would be liam neeson.

alia said...

i wud choose robert pattinson. *sigh* he is so dreamy.