Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what do you mean by it is too strong? and whats wrong if its too strong?

journal review aku kena reject dgn puan lecturer. aku tak paham. sebab semalam aku buat kerja tu dengan sepenuh hati. aku kaji habis-habisan journal tu baru aku review. tapi alih alih, message sampai cakap kerjaaku kena reject. kimaung.

aku check kredit, cukup! ada 4.70myr.
aku call lecturer tu.

she said,
"its too strong. the journal i meant."

aku tanya,
"whats wrong if its too strong?"

dia jawab,
"then, i'm rejecting your work-lah."

"why ma'am?"
aku tanya semula, tak puas ati.

dia cakap,
"this is pretty much controversial laa, your article. you are questioning on the approaches of moslem country who teach western-literature. that is okay. but, by seeing the words you've constructed, i can see between the lines that you are questioning the sexual liberation and gender equality in the moslem country"

aku potong cakap dia,
"yes, thats is why i chose this journal (for me to review)."

lecturer aku balas balik,
but daj, while suggesting at your penutup that teachers should be open-minded in discussing western literature in the classroom bla bla bla, thats worries me you know."

aku diam. aku dah dapat agak apa yg akan jadi.

and dia sambung,
"its too heavy. it can cause something else later on. taboo. nevermind, you just work on another journal okay?"

aku letak telefon.

kalau semua benda nak elak taboo,
baik aku mengaji sekolah pondok, berok!


Rowena Loh said...

oh daj...that is how malaysians work...sweep everything under the carpet and pretend nothing is there...damned imbeciles...nonetheless, i feel u dude..i feel u...

coin-operated daj said...

this is where the 'tutup-sebelah-mata' plague ahs brought us.

poor poor young malaysians.