Monday, March 2, 2009


aishh menang lagi.
this winning habit have to stop!

kalau-lah aku ada phone no. alex fguson.
i'll tell him riteaway to:

stop having a very useful selective squad.
our blue side CITY couldn't keep up.

stop buying superb-craze futebol hungarian-idol and invites him to jog in matches, sweeping posture goals and creates sublime assists.
its an insult for drogba's and his old-bull teammates.
poor chelsea haa folks?

stop creates "evra to nani to tevez, dummy to rooney and goalll!!!" set-pieces.
its cruel to 'the beautiful game' team,
yours truly- ARSENAL.

and sir,
stop predicts thing.
it will demoralised the ever-fittest LIVERPOOL especially those kop's beauty boys.

and stop kicks team out of contention so easily.

plus do warned them that life's will get tough when united starts to hate.

exhibit A : Leeds United F.C
[dont get us hate you]

glory glory sir.