Monday, March 9, 2009

viva la famille

my sister are getting married.
glad that i am,
but just.

well, after 14years circling the colorful 5packs.
the addition of the new 2 is not something that i will cherish.
im quite kedekut just so u guys know.

but as one who fail to prevails life process,
i must nod on the arranged 'fixtures'.

if only they knew that everytime i kick-start my day,
i wish i am the only man who can love them.

if only they knew that everytime i laughed,
i dedicated my fun to them who taught me how to laugh when im still a toddler.

if only they knew that everytime they called,
i'll answered with the fact that im scared something bad happen on their ends.

if only they knew that everytime they celebrates their birthday,
im hoping that they turns into kids once more.

if only the knew that everytime i chose to make them happy,
it is the easiset option ever falls to my hands.

but most important,
this new phase of my sisters getting married scares me to death knowing that the next phase in line is the arrival of our young that equals to the departure of the elders.
not that im hoping for that to come soon.
but thats life eh?

dad's dilemma.
im too stupid in emo-sea for this.


alia said...


i will never experience all these jealousy of having to share my sister/brother with a stranger.

cheer up!

coin-operated daj said...

anak tunggal itu magis

alia said...

anak tunggal itu sumpahan.

u should be really glad that after all these years, you have more than two people in this world that would die for you on a whim.

yeen said...

you know, sometimes, u just have to learn to loose up the rope and be happy for them. ;j

coin-operated daj said...

but its hard laa pulak.