Monday, March 30, 2009

aku benci air mata jantan dan perangai bermain jantan

so you stood after knelt in empty room.
you sat on the dead grass of 'magic-juan'.
you never spilled any blackcurrant without licking it first,
and swore never to go back again.

so you lived through harrowing,
exhilarating moments when you did things you always thought impossible,

and you getting jiggy with it.
perhaps too much ...perhaps too soon.

and then you gritted your teeth expecting the world to end.

but, it didn't!

wake up.
clean yourself up.
smell the trees.
you're human, remember?

and no,
you'll never match that walking cartel if that is your aim.

goodluck son.


Nescafe o Ais said...

saya pondan yang suka menangis :)

semua ada masalah?

Sara San said...

err :c

coin-operated daj said...

watching guys teary eyes itu satu yang sgt2 tak leh blah. and tambah2 bila org itu org2 rapat aku.


might b a slender sexistivity or wtsoever but still,
its hard.

Nescafe o Ais said...


terharu sial.


yeen said...

nanges lagi. aduuu.