Tuesday, March 3, 2009

perak: land of the soon-to-be amazonians

stop wrecking the nation para yang berhormat.
emergency sitting of the perak state assembly which was held on a street, under a tree, should be stop immediately.
we're not living in the jungle anymore to gather around bushes and such for pro-talks kan?

i dont know about you guys,
but i'm definitely not.

and its a pity watching people's rep gathered around the street talking about constitutions, laws and plan the longevity of the state.

theres a lot of barrier la yang berhormat.

just think,
where suddenly a big lorry ramming through the road, forcing MP's to say:

oop oop.
sat sat, teman tak dengo tadi,
kome tak nampak lori beso kemaen lalu tadi,
mane teman nak dengo ape yang kome kabo-kan.
ate, mintak ulang ye.

daulat tuanku.

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