Sunday, March 29, 2009

and so when people got monday blues

dah 12minggu.
12minggu tambah lagi 9minggu.
kakak aku kawen.

dah 12minggu.
12minggu tambah lagi 3minggu,
aku ada final.

dah 12minggu.
tambah lagi 8minggu sebelum tu.
aku dah patot kencing kaler kuning perabut kayu jati

and i woke up this evening.
itssunday already.

and while im preparing to survive monday's blues.
suddenly my body got electrocuted.
by some jebus-style motivation.
it never sounds like chopra's enlightenment vault.
it does comes in cloudy-cloudy feeling...
but mind that,
im just finishing my 3rd bong strike to be precise.

it sounds exactly right this.

"its week 12 already.
this is the week kita cabar diri kita."

aku tambah,
"ya, to show who we really are to ourselves, thats for a start. yes?"

that voices which now do sounds like the 'x.o.x.o gossip girl blogger' continues the self- preach series.

"sure. why not. and and to those who concerns us the most too."

betul betul.

kak an
kak ina.
kawan kawan yang dah meninggal
kawan kawan seluruh hidup
dan maybe,
marsha milan londoh :P

aku kena gembirakan korang.
i got to draws my life on this uncharted canvas so that you guys would smile
and and talk to me at dinner party
at least not cast me off when theres important things happen in the circle where theres 'humanbeing' only that should be involved.
well .

thats it.
aku mahu berubah-lah.

the sounds no longer heard.
but it does shares with me the feelings of satisfaction.
like like
when you're on a first date, and you're this 'stupid childish dok-main-sepak-sepak-bontot-member-lagi 22years old soon to be an english teacher' guy and your do really hope that your partner hint something that 'she's okay with child-(d)ish' just to see that she spilled her nasik for laughing.
that's a relief ey?

haa. thats the exact feelings that i felt that i been telling you before ni ha.

i feel relief and good.
i feel relief and raring to go and continue this coming week without weed.

and so.
at 2130,
barang dah siap cai.

aku jemput tuan punya suara tadi untuk datang menjamu selera.

"get high bro,
this is your last bud."



Nescafe o Ais said...

aku nak cuba join.

move on.

tak kemana pon hidup macam ni.

tapi sekali-sekala...oke kot kan geng?


coin-operated daj said...

skali skala itu okeeee.
mesti punyaa.

bfo exam tu amik dlm 2hari kasik pesta ala2 gossip girl beb.